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Strength Training for Athletes

Athletes often consider January off-season due to the cold weather. However, athletes need to utilize the off-season to improve their physical endurance through participating in various types of strength training for athletes. Sadly, not all athletes will work out with

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10 Reasons Why You Need A Personal Trainer

Have you ever stopped to question why so many celebrities and professional athletes sign up for personal training services? You may say “because they can afford it,” but go a little deeper than that. Yes, they can afford to pay

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Strength Training for Women Benefits and Facts

The advantages of strength training for women and anyone 40 years and older are far greater than the advantages associated with cardio for the same group of women. Keep reading to discover why this is true. Researchers over the last

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Seven Tips for Performing an Effective and Safe Strength Training Program

A resistance or strength training program is effective by providing a strong, opposing force as with lifting  dumbbells, pushing against an inanimate object or pulling with resistance bands. The workout participate strengthens his muscles by lifting increasingly heavier weights or

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My Journey with CrossFit and Wendler’s Strength Program

I’ve been a personal trainer and strength coach and have been working out for more than 20 years. I’ve always loved the aspect of pushing myself, physically and mentally. I’ve used my workouts (resistance training) to help me in rock

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