The Bend Get Fit Challenge

Warrior Fitness Training is excited to announce a new program, The Bend Get Fit Challenge.  The program is designed forget fit challenge employers and employees to work together on the health and fitness of both body and mind.

The Bend Get Fit Challenge is a six-week long opportunity for co-workers to get fit, eat healthy, lose weight and improve baseline fitness together in a supportive environment under the expert guidance of Gregg Swanson.

At the kick-off, participants get weighed and measured. During the first week of the challenge, participants meet with a personal trainer to learn a work out and discuss how to overcome their barriers to success.

Three group coaching calls will address any exercise and nutrition modifications. Two additional half-hour training sessions are optional to for personal/private exercise program modifications. Participants also receive online nutrition coaching from their trainer and email support encouraging them to continue to work towards their goals.

A group workout is scheduled once per week to allow everyone to try different types of exercise in a helpful environment. At the end of the challenge, there is a celebration party to acknowledge everyone’s success and award prizes to participants.

The Bend Get Fit Program requires a minimum of six participants. A special rate including a six-week membership to Xcel Fitness is available to employees and employers who are not currently members of Xcel Fitness.

Coach and trainer Gregg Swanson comments, “This is an affordable program that is great for team building and having fun outside of the workplace. And studies show employee health programs result in higher productivity, less sickness and absenteeism, and reduced health costs for employers.”

More About The Bend Get Fit Challenge

Warrior Fitness Training wants to help kick your business into shape and strengthen your bottom line! The Bend Get Fit Challenge Program is a great way to get employees excited about fitness, boost team moral and improve production!

Frequently Asked Questions About the Bend Get Fit Challenge

Q: How does The Bend Get Fit Challenge differ from other wellness programs offered?

A: We offer an affordable, fun solution to inactivity and poor eating habits — two health risk factors that we can impact. We make a personal connection and motivate people to make behavioral changes. This is only a 6 week commitment and can be renewed at any time.

Q: How do you measure success for participants?

A: There are two criteria to determine the “winners.” The first is overall team weight loss. The average participant loses 10 to 12 lbs. and 8 to 10 inches. The second is the baseline fitness test which include, but not limited to: push-ups, pull-ups/hang time, sit-ups, set-ups and a short run. All participants improve their fitness abilities, often doubling their fitness baseline testing.

Other benefits experienced include: reduced or eliminated dosages of blood pressure and cholesterol medication, lower blood sugar levels, improved sleep, increased energy, improved self-esteem, lower stress and a happier workplace.

Q: What businesses do you work with?

A: We work with local business, nonprofits, local government, police stations, fire stations, schools and large chains.

Q: Who should join the Challenge?

A: The leaders of the workplace should participate. Leaders set the tone.

All employees should participate, from couch potatoes to fitness enthusiasts. Coaches tailor the program to individual goals. The act of experiencing the Challenge together is powerful!

Spouses or other adult family members should participate. The spouse is often in charge of the grocery shopping. It is easier to have everyone at home eating the same healthy meals, removing junk food from the cupboard and becoming active together!

Q: How will this benefit our company or business?

A: Recent research by the Wellness Councils of America (WELCOA) shows that 80 percent of health care dollars are spent on diseases that are almost entirely preventable by diet and exercise alone! With healthcare costs soaring, government and businesses alike are turning their focus to preventative measures.

Further studies show employee absenteeism is reduced when a wellness program is implemented in the workplace:

  • Study at Prudential Insurance, disability days were 20% lower and annual medical costs fell by 46% when a corporate fitness program was implemented
  • Study at Providence Medical Center, per-capita workers’ comp costs were reduced by 83% and additional savings were realized in reduced sick leave and health costs
  • Employers can expect a return on investment up to $5.00 for every $1.00 spent on weight loss and exercise programs for the workplace

The Bend Get Fit Challenge overhauls workplaces and transforms lives. This six week, fitness, nutrition and mindset coaching program can work in any sized workplace. No on-site gym is needed. All fitness levels are welcome. It is not a boot camp, it is a fun wellness program.

Our cutting-edge program includes: accountability, fun and teams. Participants are given a coach, a meal plan, an exercise prescription, teammates and optional group workouts. Workplaces are encouraged to invite friends and family to participate with them. The more, the merrier and the better the results.

For more information or to schedule meeting about The Bend Get Fit Challenge please Contact Me

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