My Journey with CrossFit and Wendler’s Strength Program

I’ve been a personal trainer and strength coach and have been working out for more than 20 years. I’ve always loved strengththe aspect of pushing myself, physically and mentally.

I’ve used my workouts (resistance training) to help me in rock climbing, mountaineering and even sales. I’ve also enjoyed the way I felt and the way appearance of my physique.

Well as I moved from a corporate job to a professional personal coach my training lacked in intention. Sure I kept training, but without any real purpose.

This went on for almost 5 years.

Sure, occasionally I get spurts of inspiration from an upcoming event, but as soon as the event was over my enthusiasm would wane.

Then I met CrossFit.

When I first started out with CrossFit I thought no big deal…I’ve been lifting for years, I can handle this.

Well I couldn’t have been farther from the truth! My first months CrossFit X2 here in Bend Oregon kicked my butt.

Then I “settled” into a rhythm. As I developed a routine I add traditional strength training. So, in the AM I would do strength training and in the evening I would do CrossFit.

After a few months I even competed in a couple of competitions…I was having a blast!

The problem I began to over train. I my progress began to stall. My total training volume was insane!

Wendler’s Strength Program

That’s when I started search for a reasonable strength system to add my CrossFit X2 routine. This is when I found Wendler’s 5-3-1 program. I’m not going to go into the details, you find them in this article “5-3-1 How to Build Pure Strength.”

So, my intention now is to follow Wendler’s program in the AM of Mon. Tues, Thur. and Friday. And then add CrossFit X2 to the evenings of Mon., Tues., Wed and Sat.

I’ll be posting my weekly thoughts and progress as I integrate these two systems.

After the first week I’ll post my starting weights for squat, bench, deadlift and press. There are a few additional “assistance” exercises that I will not record here.

I’ll keep track of specific CrossFit routines and nutrition.

The reason I’m sharing story this is for my own accountability. If I think my experiment can help others than I’m obligated to share. Also, if I feel you are reading this than I’ll be committed to continue to update you on my progress.

So, for this post my beginning body measurements are:

  • 6’4”
  • 192 lbs
  • 9% bodyfat
  • 4% hydration

My physical goal is to get to 200 lbs. at 7%. From there I reevaluate and set new goals.

I’d love to hear your comments below as I begin this adventure.

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