10 Reasons Why You Need A Personal Trainer

Have you ever stopped to question why so many celebrities and professional athletes sign up for personal training personal trainer bend oregonservices? You may say “because they can afford it,” but go a little deeper than that. Yes, they can afford to pay for the best personal trainers in existence, but they are also incredibly busy people with many other things that they choose to spend their money on. Why do they choose to work with personal trainers rather than building their home gyms and working out alone when it fits their schedule?

It all comes down to results. Professional athletes, actresses and others who depend on their looks to make a living will pay for personal training because they know they will get superior results when they have access to a trainer.

Your reasons for working with a trainer may not be very different from a professional athlete or celebrity. Perhaps you want to maintain your youthful good looks so that you are more effective at your job. Maybe you want to look your best because that makes you feel your best, and you want to give the best version of you to your loved ones.

Whatever your motivations are, there are good reasons to work with a trainer rather than going it alone. You will enjoy 10 big benefits just by hiring a personal trainer to workout with you at least once a week.

Top 10 Reasons Why You Need A Personal Trainer

Why You Need A Personal Trainer Reason #1. You will get results faster when you work with a trainer. When you workout without a professional, you will naturally hit plateaus that stall your progress. You will get unmotivated and stop working out for periods of time. These things happen, but they are less damaging if you have a personal trainer on your side. The trainer knows how to push your body out of a plateau much faster than it would dig itself out of the ditch, and they know how to keep you motivated so that you don’t take steps back. They keep you moving forward at an accelerated pace.

Why You Need A Personal Trainer Reason #2. A personal trainer knows the difference between fat loss and weight loss. You don’t want to just see a drop on the scale. You want to your clothes to fall off. You want to lose inches; to lose stored body fat rather than water weight. To do this, you need a personal trainer to help you set realistic goals and tailor your routines to genuine fat loss.

Why You Need A Personal Trainer Reason #3. Trainers are pros when it comes to encouraging consistency. You cannot achieve your goals without consistent action over a long period of time. Your trainer is your number one resource when it comes to overcoming obstacles that would otherwise interfere with your ability to remain consistent.

Why You Need A Personal Trainer Reason #4. Your safety and overall wellbeing is always a primary concern for your trainer. While you may want to push it too far in order to get results faster, a good trainer will show you how to get results faster without risking injuries that come from overusing muscles or working out with poor form. Your trainer has your health and safety in mind at all times, so they can help you workout safely even if you have special needs, such as arthritis or back pain.

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Why You Need A Personal Trainer Reason #5. You don’t have to feel intimidated looking at the equipment in the gym because your trainer will show you how to use every machine correctly. This is important if you are new to your gym or to working out in general.

Why You Need A Personal Trainer Reason #6. Your personal training routine will be personalized to your unique needs and goals. Your trainer will ensure you don’t waste time on movements that aren’t effective for what you would like to achieve.

Why You Need A Personal Trainer Reason #7. As you improve your fitness level through personal training, you will notice enhanced performance in sports. Whether you love to ski or skateboard, you will become better in your sport due to your improved level of physical fitness.

Why You Need A Personal Trainer Reason #8. Personal trainers may introduce you to new aspects of fitness. For instance, most people ignore flexibility training when they workout alone. There are many benefits to training for flexibility and a deeper mind-body connection through yoga, Pilates and other exercise forms. A trainer can expose you to these deeper levels of physical fitness when you are ready.

Why You Need A Personal Trainer Reason #9. You always have someone waiting for you at a specific time when you invest in personal training. While you may want to sleep through the alarm when working out alone, you are less likely to do that if you have someone waiting for you, and you have already paid for their time. You don’t want to waste their time or your money, so you are more likely to get moving.

Why You Need A Personal Trainer Reason #10. Personal training is designed to fit into your lifestyle and schedule. You get to choose where, when and how you workout. Through the trainer selection process, you also get to determine whom you workout with. Whether they come to your home or you meet them at the gym, you will get the results you want because the program will be unique to your needs, desires, goals and preferences.

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