Seven Tips for Performing an Effective and Safe Strength Training Program

A resistance or strength training program is effective by providing a strong, opposing force as with lifting strength training program dumbbells, pushing against an inanimate object or pulling with resistance bands. The workout participate strengthens his muscles by lifting increasingly heavier weights or by increasing the resistance gradually in his workout program.

Exercising in this manner strengthens bones, increases muscle mass, and tones the muscles. You also will maintain necessary body strength to perform daily duties such as climbing stairs, running for a bus, standing from sitting, or carrying bags of groceries into the house.

The present guidelines in the country for physical activity state that one should perform strengthening exercises for the back, hips, legs, chest, arms, abdomen and shoulders at least two times each week.

One set of eight to twelve reps of a specific movement a session is normally effective. However, certain stats point to the fact that it is more effective to perform two to three sets a session. The muscles require two days to recover after sessions of resistance or strength training.

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Remember the following seven tips to perform effective and safe resistance or strength training programs.

Strength Training Program Tips

Strength Training Program Tip #1. Warm up for five to ten minutes before exercising and cool down for the same length of time after exercising. Walking is an ideal warm-up activity and stretching is an effective way to cool down.

Strength Training Program Tip #2. Concentrate on form not the amount of weight. Correctly position your body to perform each exercise smoothly. Improper form causes slow gains and injuries to occur. Experts recommend starting a new training regimen using light or no weights. This enables you to focus on smooth, gradual lifts and descents as you isolate each group of muscles.

Strength Training Program Tip #3. Performing at the correct speed helps with maintaining control throughout the routine without compromising your strength gains. One example of this is lowering the weight while counting to three, holding it and then raising the weight to a starting position while counting to three.

Strength Training Program Tip #4. You need to breathe correctly during your exercise sessions. Exhale against resistance from pushing, pulling, or lifting. Inhale while releasing.

Strength Training Program Tip #5. Continue to challenge muscles through gradually increasing resistance or weight. Weight will differ for you according to which exercise you perform. Select the weight that causes the targeted muscles to tire during the last two reps while you maintain proper form. In the event you cannot perform two reps, select a weight that is lighter and easier to handle.

If the weight is too easy to work with then add about one to two pounds for your arms, or two to five pounds for your legs. You also can just add an additional set of reps in your workout. If you choose to add weight, you need to perform all the reps using proper form. Your targeted muscles should tire during the last two reps.

Strength Training Program Tip #6. Stay with your workout regimen. Target all of your body’s major muscle groups at least two to three time each week. You can break up your workouts into lower-body or upper-body ones, or you can select to perform only full-body workouts with your resistance or strength training. If you choose to break it up, then you need to perform the upper-body and lower-body workouts two to three times each per week.

Strength Training Program Tip #7. Let your muscles rest. Strength training programs cause the muscle tissue to develop tiny tears. While these tears are not dangerous, the muscles will not strengthen until the tears heal. Let your muscles rest for at least two days in between strength training sessions.

Hope these tips will help you develop your own personal strength training program.

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