Strength Training for Athletes

Athletes often consider January off-season due to the cold weather. However, athletes need to utilize the off-season strength training for athletes to improve their physical endurance through participating in various types of strength training for athletes.

Sadly, not all athletes will work out with weights in fear of neglecting their sport or of bulking up muscle wise. They fail to comprehend the fact that strength training will help them avoid injury on top of making them perform faster in their sport.

Isn’t that what all athletes want?

Some Benefits of Strength Training for Athletes:

  • Strength Training for Athletes Benefit #1 – Increased Power: Athletic power is how hard athletes push against the bike pedals or pound on the track. Increased power leads to faster speeds! Strength training also ups endurance by the athletes learning how to apply their power with added efficiency. What athlete doesn’t want additional power when running an extra mile or up a hill?
  • Strength Training for Athletes Benefit #2 – Lower Stroke Count: Additional strength in the upper body allows the swimmer to pull through the water faster and with fewer strokes thanks to the extra power.
  • Strength Training for Athletes Benefit #3 – Higher Endurance: Helping the body to perform with greater efficiency will mean that athletes can travel farther, while place less strain on their muscles and lungs.
  • Strength Training for Athletes Benefit #4 – Fewer Aches and Pains: Participating in strength training allows the muscles to learn to withstand greater stress, which leads to fewer aches and pains while training.
  • Strength Training for Athletes Benefit #5 – Reduction in Injuries: Resistance training will reduce the risk and severity of injury through strengthening muscles, connective tissues and bones. Strength training can correct certain muscle imbalances caused from repetitive-motion exercises, which further reduces the risk of injury.

In addition, changing an athlete’s typical routine keeps workouts from becoming monotonous and this increases the enjoyment and excitement of the hours of strength training for athletes along with other types of training.

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