Strength Training for Women Benefits and Facts

The advantages of strength training for women and anyone 40 years and older are far greater than the advantages Strength Training for Womenassociated with cardio for the same group of women. Keep reading to discover why this is true.

Researchers over the last ten years have made valid arguments on the advantages for weight training for women and people over forty years of age. However, only a low number of women actually take this information serious.

A high number of females who work out spend the majority of their time in the gym on cardio activities and only a small amount of time challenging their bodies with resistance or strength training. This type of training does not have to involve the women sharing the weight room with men and confusing machinery.

You need to explore the various options that are available to you today. There are fitness centers now that cater to only women. You still will need to locate the right fitness center that allows your body to develop correctly with the use of progressive resistance instead of the same tired workouts repeatedly.

Benefits of Strength Training for Women

Strength Training for Women Tip 1. You Will Shed Excess Fat

Wayne Wescott, PhD performed studies in connection with the South Shore YMCA, which is located in Quincy, Massachusetts. These studies show that an average woman loses 3.5 pounds of excess weight when she strength trains two to three times on a weekly basis for sixty days, while she adds almost 2 pounds of muscle mass.

You burn additional calories during the day as you increase lean muscle in your body since you also increase your body’s resting metabolism. You can burn 35 to 50 additional calories every day for every one pound of muscle gain. This adds up big time!

Strength Training for Women Tip 2. You Can Increase Strength Without Bulk

Researchers also discovered over the years that women do not gain muscle mass that way men do from strength training, as they have up to 30 times fewer hormones that are involved in muscle hypertrophy. However, you gain muscle definition and tone from strength training for women. This is a definite advantage.

Strength Training for Women Tip 3. You Will Lower Your Risk for Osteoporosis

Findings of research point to weight training enhancing bone modeling and increasing bone mineral density in the spine by a whopping 13 percent over a 6-month period. This, on top of consuming daily requirement of calcium, helps women fight off osteoporosis.

Strength Training for Women Tip 4. Your Athletic Performance Will Improve

Studies show that athletic performance improves with the participation in strength training. Elite athletes do not realize the same results only because they have attained such a high level of fitness already. Even golfers can increase the power of the drives on a significant level. Cyclists will find they can perform longer without feeling fatigue. Skiers reduce injuries and improve their technique. Strength training will improve your overall performance no matter which sport you participate in on top of reducing your risk of injury.

Strength Training for Women Tip 5. You Will Increase Your Overall Physical Strength

You will increase your independence at the same time you increase your strength. Daily tasks such as carrying groceries into the house, toting laundry and lifting the kids will be easier to do without fatiguing your body.

In addition, maximizing your body strength will help prevent injury during routine tasks and exercise. Studies prove that even moderate strength training will increase a female’s muscle strength up to 50 percent. The studies also prove that females can increase strength at a similar rate to that of men.

Strength Training for Women Tip 6. Reduce the Risk of Back Pain, Arthritis, and Injury

Strength training helps to develop strong muscles and connective tissues along with increasing the stability of your joints. This helps to prevent injury to the joints and other parts of the body.

A recent study performed over a 12-year period discovered that strengthening the muscles in the lower back alleviates or eliminates lower-back pain in 80 percent of the cases. Research also shows that strength training for women will relieve osteoarthritis pain along with strengthening the joints.

Strength Training for Women Tip 7. Lower Your Risk for Heart Disease

Strength training will improve cardio health in numerous ways including reducing blood pressure and bad (LDL) cholesterol along with increasing good (HDL) cholesterol according to the expert opinion of Dr. Barry A Franklin. He works at William Beaumont Hospital, which is in Royal Oak, Michigan. These benefits increase when you add cardio exercise to the weight training.

Strength Training for Women Tip 8. Reduces the Risk for Diabetes

Dr. Franklin also states that strength training could improve how your system processes sugar. This reduces your risk of contracting diabetes. Type-2 diabetes is on the increase today for both men and women. Studies show that strength training improves the body’s utilization of glucose by 23 percent over a period of 4 months.

Strength Training for Women Tip 9. You are Never too Old to Benefit

Women can build significant strength with weight training even when they are in their 70s and 80s. Research proves that improving strength can happen no matter what the age with this type of training.

Strength Training for Women Tip 10. Lift Your Mood and Prevent Depression

A study from Harvard discovered that only ten weeks of weight training diminishes the symptoms of clinical depression better than traditional counseling can. Females, who perform strength training typically state feeling more capable and confident because of the results they receive from this training and these are both important for combating depression.


Females who gradually and modestly build muscle mass change the composition of their body. These women will decrease fat content while they increase their lean body mass.

Fitness centers, that cater to only women, have become more plentiful over the years. Why has this occurred? Mainly because of the above information, but also time is an issue when trying to exercise.

Selecting the right fitness center for your needs should be a priority. The centers, which cater to only women, should offer you what your body needs. Be sure the center you select provides machines with adjustable resistance, free weights, and treadmills. There also needs to be expert personnel to help you learn the right exercise program.

If you’re in the Bend Oregon area, stop Xcel Fitness of send me an email, I’d be happy to talk to you more about this.

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