Read what a few of my clients are saying about me:

Highly Recommended!!!!  After just one session with Diane, I knew I was working with an expert and a professional in every sense of the word. To begin with, Diane places great emphasis on the safety of her clients. The warm-up and cool-down are carefully executed to prevent injuries. Even while working in a group session, Diane carefully focuses on each of her subjects noting the strengths, weaknesses and improvements gained from week to week. She even keeps track of past injuries/problem areas, and always has a modification or alternative solution readily available to her clients if needed.

Outside of class, I have found Diane to be responsive, prompt, and courteous. She is quick to provide follow-up to questions that arise during class, and she will even direct us toward external resources to help educate us when more information is required. In short, for those of you lucky enough to be trained by Diane, you will yourself working with a caring, compassionate, knowledgeable expert who maintains the highest integrity throughout her practice. I absolutely recommend Diane for those of you looking to get started with Kettlebells or any type of physical fitness training.
Renee R. – Campbell, CA

WOW! What a workout!  I am very impressed with Diane’s professionalism and instruction. She tailors the moves on a per student basis when one student is more flexible vs another or another is still recovering from injury. I feel stronger after the 5 weeks. It has been great to try something new for the summer.  Thanks Diane for pushing me.
Joyce T. – San Jose, CA

Great for someone just learning too!  I met Diane in my first real training in kettlebell instruction, I found her to be very motivating and good at attending to the students individually in a relatively large class. She gave us homework that was practical and would give us good workouts throughout the week and she had very high standards for all of her students.  I benefitted a lot from her instruction.
Thank you Diane!
Sara K. – Sunnyvale, CA

Diane is an awesome instructor.  Thank you Diane for all the help and support I received from you.
Miriam H. – San Jose, CA

Complete Tool Kit – She exceeded my high expectations based on what I read here and already knew about her extensive background in fitness. She’s very technically sound and true to the Kettlebell sport, but she also can LEAD a group class, which not everyone can do.   She’s A.R.T. certified so she has intimate knowledge of the body. She’s also heavily into the field of human potential  (the inner game ), deeply aware of the link between attitude and results, helping her trainees to understand the “big picture” while also kicking their butts physically, challenging them to push their limits.
If you’re trying to get into this sport or rehab from some aches and pains, set up an appointment with Diane. You’ll be impressed like I was and all of the students who trained under her.
Yusuf C. – San Jose, CA

If you want to be stronger and increase your stamina, endurance…push yourself and allow Diane to push you.  You will not reach your goals until you work out of the box and push through what’s hard for you.  I really enjoyed working with Diane.
F. R. – Santa Clara, CA

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